Dunseverick July 2019

A walk from Dunseverick Castle to The Giant's Causeway and back along the clifftop
100 0490 20190723203104 Dunseverick Castle, eat your heart out Carrickfergus Rathlin Island Port Moon and the bothy
Port Moon bothy P1040857 P1040858 P1040859
P1040862 P1040865 P1040866 P1040867
P1040868 tourists on The Giant's Causeway cliiftop 100 0480 20190723203043 P1050004
P1050005 P1050009 P1050010 P1050011
clifftop photographer P1050012 P1050013 tiny tourists (look closely)
Portrush in the distance, no sign of any golfers P1050018 P1050019 P1050021
P1050022 P1050023 canoers at Port Moon (canoeists?)