Ballycopeland Windmill

Sunday 18th August - sails operating, Saturday 14th September - European Heritage Open Day
DJI 0791 A great day for the sails to turn, blue skies and plenty of wind the cows didn't seem bothered the miller's cottage exhibition
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P1050264 view from Windmill Road European Heritage Open Day 14th September 2019NEW Ballycopeland Windmill - ground floor, this is where the milled grain ends upNEW
P1050270NEW P1050271NEW P1050273NEW P1050274NEW
P1050275NEW P1050276NEW P1050277NEW P1050278NEW
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a modern 'synthetic' millstoneNEW P1050286NEW P1050287NEW tradtitional millstoneNEW
P1050290NEW P1050291NEW P1050293NEW The miller's kitchenNEW
P1050295NEW P1050296NEW the miller's living roomNEW